donderdag, februari 03, 2005

The Sphere - 3D Navigation

The SphereXP
Replace your desktop environment with this 3D app!

"The interaction human-computer has gone a long way since the invention of personal computers. In the beginning there was only a simple command-line interface (CLI), which was not a very intuitive interface. The only widely used device that you could use to interact with the computer was the keyboard. People needed a lot of skills to operate computers. New ways have been opened with the evolution of hardware and software. Inventions such as mouse or graphical user interface (GUI) changed the way we interact with the computer and allowed massive spread of computers. Working with the computer got easier, faster and more effective. The two-dimensional graphical user system is now established as the preferred interface for most users. It can be found in any of the major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and the X Window System. There has been made only a little progress since its invention. Declining hardware prices and increasing hardware capabilities allow us to make the next step and make interfaces more intuitive and more effective"


"The Sphere is theory of an 3D workspace. The SphereXP is an example of the theory. The environment is user-centered. It is represented by a sphere. The user is exactly in the middle of it. All objects are situated around the user. He can easily turn around and manipulate with the objects. All the objects that users are used to having on their regular desktop are now integrated in a three-dimensional environment. . There are icons and applications. They can be move around according to some rules. You can bring them closer to the view port or send them back"

Jarno says: Mind you, it's still a beta version but it works quite well. I've tried it out myself. It's pretty cool to drag the windows of your desktop around in a 3D space. I've always been dreaming of the web to be like this as well: completely 3D. Browsing the Net just like Tom Cruise was searching through the Police Department Database in Minority Report. From keyboard to mouse to what..

(By the way, check out the screenshot of my desktop turned into a 3D environment below)