zaterdag, april 23, 2005


Hi everybody (not that anybody is reading, am I therefore officially crazy for talking to myself.... Mmm... I wonder)!
Anyway, Blinx created Shareable Smart Folders. You know, instead of your good old & boring directory folders, the Smart Folders automatically find content about the subject as defined, on your hard drive & the Web. So you can check your smart folder every day, to see what's new on the subject of your interest. You can have the folders specifically find tv, or whatever format and share them with friends & whomever. Step by step by step everything gets automated. And before you know it, truly everything works autonomous..


By now.

woensdag, april 20, 2005

Station Exchange

Station Exchange
What I personally find so interesting about this service is, well, actually not so much the service itself, but more the company that's behind this: Sony!

The fact that a giant like Sony jumps onto the "Virtual Stuff Auctioning"-bandwagon signifies how intertwined the realm of the 'real' and the virtual have become.

I find this real interesting: the continious and ever more rapid digitization of the physical world. And where do YOU think it's all going? What does the world look like in say 2035, 30 years from now? Check out Acceleration Watch. Check it out & spread the word..

dinsdag, april 12, 2005

Scientists Create Remote-Controlled Flies

woensdag, april 06, 2005

This 3 metres-high machine comes the closest to anything I imagine that would walk around in your typical late-21stcentury war-environment :) Wauw, the machines are coming... Posted by Hello

US scientists have designed a bionic eye (yes, a complete eye, not just a replacement for the retina or something..) to allow blind people to see again. Human trials will begin within a year, hopes Professor Dagnelie. Posted by Hello | Mathematics | Mathematics
Just what does it mean to prove something, when nobody has the capacity to verify the infinite number of steps..., the computer has taken?

dinsdag, april 05, 2005

Invisibility without magic! Posted by Hello


This is a cool site where you can buy a very very cool robo-kit. So you can build your own humanoid little robot. With the Majinga Simulator you can program your 'virtual robot' to perform movement sequences, and save them to a file.

RoBo-One Korea