maandag, juni 20, 2005

Outer space, Inner space?

The Mundane Manifesto
Good stuff this is, cause our future won't be in outer space, but in inner space if you ask me. See, my view about the future and the universe and all is simple: The universe IS NOT ABOUT life or death or whatever. The universe IS ABOUT mathematics. I believe in Singularity Economics (see below), meaning, (think pinball-machine) you don't know the exact 'path' that will be taken (by the universe), but you do know where it all goes in the end. It all started 12 billion years ago (with the Big Bang that is) and 'it' has been 'developing' ever since (stars/planets/atoms, molecules, animals, brains, etc). I don't think the universe is about life or death but about mathematics and continious change.

Sounds like I am babbling? I personally obviously don't think so and neither do these guys.

Or check out this Powerpoint Presentation about Singularity Economics