dinsdag, juli 26, 2005

Furby is back and THIS TIME...

... he's gotten really smart. Furby will hit the market in a few weeks now, his manufacturer says (or should I say his mom/dad).
Wanna know what Furby can do?

Well, he can laugh, smile, frown, gasp, yawn and express fear or boredom using its flexible beak, expressive eyes, and movable ears & eyebrows. All this driven by Hasbro's new Emoto-Tronics technology, a combination of advanced robotic technology, puppetry and realistic lifelike reactions and movements.
Since Furby also has a light sensor, a tilt sensor and several touch sensors, his response to you really depends on how you handle him. The touch sensors can be found in his back, mouth and stomach, so petting, feeding and tickling makes a real difference. But of course, that's not all..

Using advanced voice recognition, Furby listens to you and talks back. So he can tell you all kinds of stories since he has an impressive vocabulary of both 'Furbish' and English, but you can also ask Furby to tell you a joke for instance and he'll most likely deliver a knock-knock zinger. Of course, his response depends on his 'mood'.

He also recognizes other Furby's in his vicinity and did I mention that he can dance and sing?
And you know what the bizarre thing is? Furby costs $39.99! So far I have no idea when and at what prize it will be available in Europe, so I keep track of these guys, cause they ship worldwide.