donderdag, juli 14, 2005

Startup Deep Light claims to have multiplexed 3D HDTV

' We are proud to announce the release of our new 3D displays which will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2006. These low cost, high-resolution displays will be used in industrial, medical, government and home applications and will be available in a variety of sizes and form factors. All deepLight displays are designed for natural viewing without a need for special glasses. '

Bla bla marketing, or will they actually be close? I definitely hope so, cause ever since I've seen this holographic shark in the movie 'Back to the future II', I've been waiting. And I'm still waiting!!! Just recently I posted this piece on Philips' 3D ambitions, so at least it seems things are cooking in the kitchen, but when it is that mommy really calls in the children for dinner.... who knows ... let's just hope the food doesn't get burned this time.