zondag, juli 10, 2005

We need Water! >> desalination - current situation and future prospects

I personally find this an interesting article. It's about 'the world situation concerning the production, processes, technologies and costs of desalination (taking salt out of water). Experience accumulated worldwide and in Israel enables the forecasting of developmental trends, namely, a continuation of cost reduction, when Israel will enter the era of large-scale desalination'.

I find it interesting to monitor technologies like these because the biggest challenge of our generation will be the question of how to sustain our current way of life, given the declining availability of resources (oil, water, etc.) on the one hand, and growing demand for these resources on the other.

Besides the question of how to secure access to much needed resources, there's the question of how to counteract the effects of using those resources (global warming, etc.). It's nice that we have the Kyoto Protocol, but we'll probably need a hell of a lot more to counter the effects of global warming and soforth.