woensdag, juli 27, 2005


Very interesting article here about a Technology Timeline compiled by researchers at BT's futurology department with a list of advances they say will change tomorrow's world. Here's some of what they predict:

(2006-2010) Emotionally responsive toys, Electronic medical prescription, Video tiles (2008-2012) Medicine delivered via fruit, Video tattoos, Sensitive fabrics (2011-2015) Self-driving car, Tooth regeneration, Microchips in food (2013-2017) Active make-up, Robots guide blind people (2016-2020) Electronic lifeform gets basic rights, Viewers play film roles, Emotion control devices (2021-2025)
E-translation, Holographiv TV (2026-2030) 3D home printers (2031-2035) Biostasis in space travel, Computer geniuses