vrijdag, augustus 12, 2005

56 cents/hour in a 'videogame-sweatshop' >> Welcome to the online underworld!

Goodafternoon fellow-earthbots! Here's yet another wild story, straight from Rotterdam. But first for something completely different: The Dance Parade! What? Hundreds of thousands of people going nuts on Trance & Techno, tomorrow, right here (After clicking, you'll be requested to download a file: Don't worry, it's a Google Earth Placemark (kmz-file), so you'll be flown to the exact place where I'll be dancing! And I am not going to tell you again that you need to have Google Earth installed).

Now that I've slipped into the realm of Marketing anyways, I might as well say this: We've also had Formula 1 Racing (yes, in the centre of Rotterdam, once again, The Dutch are known for smoking too much..), Summercarnaval and the Red Bull Air Race. All this summer! So now for the moral of this story: Rotterdam = cool! Thank you for listening, let's get back to the program >>

And today's program is about Sack (I am NOT responsible for this name), a chinese guy who works for 56cents an hour, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the U.S. Lineage II server. On a monthly basis that means $150 for him and $60.000 for his employer. And what does he do? He's a 'farmer', exacly, not in the original sense, but in the dawn21stcentury-sense. He works in a MMORPG and he manually controls automated agents (so they're not automated enough if you ask me) out of 'their dungeons' to go sell their goods (gold & items & stuff) and then returns them to their dungeons again so they can beef up on gold, items and stuff again. And that's it. So the moral of this story: If you want to make real money in the virtual world, it's all about the ability to write game macros or the money to purchase them. And if you know where to look, they are on the open market. A macro that uses a teleportation exploit in World of Warcraft is currently going for $3,000. Then just hire cheap labor to monitor the bots...

It's a strange planet.


Blogger Kartoshka said...

From what i know about teleportation hacks in world of warcraft, they will not work for very long. I searched for hacks once just to see whats out there, and stumbled on a post where it says that WoW services can detect teleportation hacks if you move over a sertain % of your normal speed ( or something like that). So that cheap labor person going to need a lot of explanation in order to do it correctly.

4:44 p.m.  
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