donderdag, augustus 11, 2005

Space Adventures offers moontrips by 2008!

They cooperate with the Russian space agency Energiya, they're gonna fly in the Soyuz, it's gonna cost 100 million dollar per trip, 2 people @a time and eventually, of course, they want to put people on the moon.

I don't think there's much left to say, other then, I really hope I can afford a space- or moontrip, let's say, 30 years from now; so really rich people: Go and invest and invest and invest!!! So that the 'simple people' like me can afford this in the near/midterm future!

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By the way, which reminds me! Did you know the Japanese wanna have a true robot moonbase by 2025?! Complete with "robot satellites" (they service, repair and refuel other satellites) and all. Advanced versions of Qrio and Asimo would be walking around there. Nice! Then all we need to do is make sure that that crazy dude that's running Virgin Galactic has our moonhotels ready. Something like a dome like Eden would be nice virgin-dude :) complete with nice-looking female android hostesses and all. In this garden of Eden-type dome we obviously would have a bar to go to, but we'd call it the Spacebar and let the Dutch run it (so as to make sure it would REALLY BE a Spacebar :), take that, a female android and the view and Wow, you'd have yourself a hell of a vacation man!! But I guess I personally don't need space, I seem to be trippin anyways! And so far for our weekly Irrelevant Information Show! Have yourself a nice one and remember! Be well and be efficient, my fellow Earthbots :)

Jarno says bye.


Blogger Kartoshka said...

Space is too damn facinating. Just the Moon is not enougth!!! :). Still dont know why i became a chemist over being an astronomer. By the way, Energiya translates to energy as in electrical one or human, but its pretty obvious. And Kartoshka turns into potato in english :).

6:15 p.m.  
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