zondag, augustus 07, 2005

Welcome to blogumentary!

This morning, when I was 'virtually tripping' again, I hit upon Chuck Olson's Blog: a true Blogumentary about the blogosphere.

He writes: 'Blogs empower us to tell our story, spout and debate our politics, and share ourselves with the rest of the world – or at least the 5 people who read our blog. What compels us to blog? How does it affect us, each other, our work, the mediascape, the world? Do bloggers have anything in common? Does the blogosphere have a life of it's own, like the emergent behavior of an ant colony excited by the discovery of food?'
and explores themes like 'Personal expression and transformation. Democratic non-corporate media in action. Tension between revelation and anonymity. Blog personality vs. real-life personality (e.g. shyness). Relationship dynamics: romantic, family, friends, work. Connectedness. Blogosphere as a living organism. Humanity.'

Well Chuck, let me tell you that I find this truly interesting! This apparent 'urge' that many of us seem to have to write about our interests, ourselves, to show the world with imagery and videos, to share all that makes 'me'. It seems to be in our nature to wanna communicate, explore & understand and then store Information. That's also why I liked the specific arrangement of the following 5 words :) 'Blogosphere as a living organism', Because I truly believe that that's what we're doing: creating a worldwide metallic/silicon 'autonomously operating' organism (like pieces of a grant puzzle: blogging/videologging/omnipresence of access to the web/chip-size being reduced to dust >> omnipresence of chips [in products/food/medicine/our own body] /step by step creation of 'virtual personalities' [avatars/verbots/game personalities/'autonomously operating' blocks of software]/robotics/'smart materials' and Nano-tech in general/genetics=software)

That's why this is my personal ideal: to have a house in the mountains/forest with an amazing view and nothing much in the house but 'the connection'. More and more of what we are doing on a daily basis, seems to be lying in or near the realm of the virtual. The Internet like quicksand. As if the virtual world is slowely but surely covering our beings.

Which reminds me of this article about the fact that real-world trading of virtual items used in online games has rocketed (also check this previous post). Imagine paying 100 real-world dollars for a virtual sword, then blogging about it and posting videos of you 'in action' with the sword. Yep, the realm of the virtual is closing in on us. So now imagine to have the inside of your house wallpapered with 'video-plastics' and your occasional 3D-screen and that you stand in your living room talking to Ramona, 'the virtual personality' if you want something from Google. Once that's the case, of course we will say: "Nice, but now what?" and further down the rabbit hole (inspired by The Matrix, thank you) we will move. What an akward future we must have ahead of us...

Statement I found @ this blog, nicely reflecting the urge to express oneself: 'This VideoBlog will be updated everyday of 2005 with a video. It'll kill me. But what the hell. So Check back daily!'.

Blablablabla and so it goes on & on, enough now Jarno, down boy!


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