vrijdag, augustus 05, 2005

Yahoo gets serious with Audio Search

Hello! Information-access has just taken yet another step towards complete 'seemlessness'; see, in the not-too-distant future Microsoft's operating system might not be called 2000, XP or Vista but something more along the lines of Communications and a Google-search will entail talking to a virtual personality instead of typing words - the moral of this story: a single point of access for whatever you want to do...

In the meantime however, I just find it interesting to watch the steps taken towards that goal. As if we humans are ants, frantically working to complete the hundreds of thousands of pieces that alltogether make up that one giant puzzle: One big earth-wide electronic brainsystem! I mean, if you'd separate an individual ant from its antfarm and ask him what exactly it is he is building, then the ant would probably reply by saying 'Huh?', because most likely the ant wouldn't have a clue - all it knows is how to work - the endgoal is not what's relevant. Well, you know what?! That strikes me as an intriguing parallel to humans; there's no individual human being who has a clue what's happening on this planet, where all changes will lead to - humans just know how to work. The only difference between us and the ants is that we're not building a giant ant-palace but a planet-wide electronic brain.

Anyway, look at me babbling again; the Internet is definitely a place where it is not all that difficult to almost literally go virtually crazy. Then again, since the word 'crazy' reflects no more then a 'certain deviation from a norm', in this case the question arises 'what's the norm?' - isn't that just exactly it with the current weblog/videolog/lifelog - development? Isn't the only reason why they're so popular, the fact that they give each and every person a chance to create his/her own 'virtual' - reality? Like a virtual cocoon, with your memories, your thoughts, your rules; we'll soon be starring in our own movies and that in itself reminds me of The Matrix again...

For all you truly interested readers, back to the subject at hand: Yahoo Audio Search. The free service allows you to sift thru a database of over 50 million music files, podcasts, spoken word-files and artist websites! The first service to give access to songs featured on most major music download sites, thru a single point of access. Ever heard of the 'Trockener Kecks' or 'Normaal'? Old Dutch audio-stuff, but I DID find it using Yahoo Search. And you know what that means? That I'm impressed :)

And don't forget to have yourself a lovely day now, cause, whether it's God, Allah, Green Tara, nobody, some 'unknown dude's intelligent design' or just the mathematical way of the universe, fact is: we're stuck in that universe and life is short so enjoy damnit :)


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