zaterdag, augustus 13, 2005

Virtual Keyboard finally available!

It has taken some time, fuzz over patents and what's more, but now the damn thing is finally available: A Virtual Laser Keyboard. US-citizens can buy it here (not bluetooth version for $149), Europeans here (Bluetooth version for Euro 199).

As you can see it's a device that projects the keyboard onto any desired surface, by use of a red laserbeam. Obviously it also detects the movement of your fingers, so it knows what keys you've been hitting :) And when you hit a key, a subtle soundsignal is given. Uhm, what else? Oh yeah, with the included lithium-ion batteries it's supposed to 'be alive' for 120 hours @ a time.

Of course, there are obvious disadvantages: since there's no tactile feedback, pulling thru a long computer-session might result in painful fingertops. But then again, if you ask me (I know, nobody does, but this is MY virtual space :), this is a typical mobility-device. I haven't tried it out yet, but I can imagine, if you do a lotta typing on your cellphone or PDA-type device, it might actually come in handy (especially the Bluetooth version). And if you have a girlfriend (or are there actually females in my audience, cause in that case let me rephrase 'if you have a boyfriend...') you can first give her a massage and by the time she has fallen asleep, use her back as your keyboard (not that I have any idea what good that would do, but hey, we gotta try things out in life).

And if you know how to read the wonderful Dutch language, then here's the source..




Blogger Ghost Particle said...

somehow u just wont feel it, and unless you 'type' on a projection on top of a soft surface, youre going to get painfull fingers. But ofcourse, there wont be any sound for ppl who types loudly (me included)

7:01 a.m.  
Blogger Kartoshka said...

I dont know. Doesnt seems very uselful, comfortable or public ready yet. I am 99.99% sure gaming community will not enjoy it. I myself just oredered this keyboard and it looks sweet on pictures, cant wait till it arrives to test it out.

4:41 p.m.  
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